Flat Top Sunglasses: What You Should Know?

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Some styles never fade out!! Really, like the flat top sunglasses never lost their attraction to the sunglass lovers. Previously it was one the most sold sunglass type and still, it is in the top list of the sunglasses preferred by the women. So we are going to feature it today.

Why flat top sunglasses are always in demand?

First of just look at the human face characteristics. Yes, you are right. It is full of curves. The eyebrow is curved, nos are curved, lips are curved and even eyelids are curvy too. It’s a beautiful design led by the almighty, that you can’t deny. There is nothing flat in the face literally.

Today fashion enthusiastic people like to get what they don’t have and a mismatch will highlight the other parts of your face. Different designs keep to come every day but still, we look for the one that suits our face style. That’s one of the biggest reasons why flat top sunglasses are ever-popular than ever.

What is a flat top sunglass?

Flat top sunglass is featured by a distinguishing characteristic that the upper part of the sunglass is completely flat or some people tend to choose almost flat too. As your eyebrow are curved enough, the addition of a flat look helps to make it a bit different than what others see you daily.

What are the types of flat top sunglasses?

There may have many types based on the design but we will focus on the major types ladies are always looking for. Based on the usage of rim or not we can classify them into two categories:

Super Flat Top Sunglass

Super flat top sunglasses are that one on which the uppermost part of your frame is completely flat. The lower part of the glass could be of any shape even it could be a triangle too based on the design. Super flat top sunglasses are extremely popular among women and these kinds of sunglasses are worn by many popular celebrities. The pros are it is durable, hard, keeps its shape for a long time. The cons of having it is, it could be a bit heavy for the nose and ear. Sometimes you may feel a bit of pain if you wear it for too long. The price depends on the brands you are choosing but for sure if you choose flat top designer sunglasses you need to pay quite a sensible amount.

Rimless Flat Top Sunglass

Often sunglasses do have a strong rim so that it becomes durable and easy to keep in its position. Rimless sunglasses are different. Because of the rim, sunglasses could be heavy on the nose and ear. Keeping this in mind rimless sunglasses hit the market. It is lightweight, stylish and adds extra variant to your fashion. Rimless flat top sunglasses are always on demand because they are different in style, adds extra layers to personality and of course much more weightless than other competitors. The pros of rimless flat top sunglass are that it is lightweight, fashionable and trendy. The cons would be it can lose its shape quite easily. Price of rimless flat top sunglasses could be higher than the super flat top sunglasses as it is more sophisticated.

Regardless of your style, I would say, make a change to your current style. If you are using the ‘Super’ one you can move to the ‘Rimless’ style and vice versa.

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